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Working smarter has never been easier.

Built on Google for Google

Conceived and developed on Google Cloud, zenphi has been hand-crafted for Google. A sophisticated and robust back-end is concealed by an intuitive and easy to use front-end, allowing anyone to automate their processes instantly. No code - just drag and drop.

Fully Integrated

Google Workspace (G Suite) through and through. Built from the ground up on Google Cloud, zenphi is completely integrated with and tailored for G Suite.

Drag and drop

Visualise, construct and improve your automations on an intuitive interface by simply dragging and dropping triggers and steps. No code. No Apps Script.

Workflow Automation

Upgrade your Google Workspace (G Suite) from manual to automatic. zenphi relieves you of the daily grind, automating everything from onboarding to invoicing.

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How Does It Work

three simple steps Connect, Design, and Trigger



Whether it’s Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Directory, or any other Google Workspace (G Suite) services you need to interact with in your process, zenphi lets you securely and easily bring them to your processes. It’s just a few steps to create a connection to your services and make them available to your processes. But it does not end there, you can also bring in your tools outside of Google Workspace (G Suite), like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, etc. into your process.


With zenphi’s easy to use, drag and drop workflow designer, you can empower a whole new set of people in your organization to automate their own processes. In the designer, you configure actions and zenphi takes actions on behalf of you so you can focus on the things that matter. The feature rich designer of zenphi frees you from requiring to code for the common processes.


Want to trigger a process when someone fills in a Google Form to request an office relocation? How about when they create and publish a press release for approval? Or perhaps you have your own application and you want to use the power of zenphi flows to drive the process to power it. You can easily configure zenphi to monitor those events. At the end of the day, zenphi is always on, always listening.
Take an Intelligent Approach to Automate Your Workflows on Google

There are various ways to approach any problem, and it is the same when it comes to automating your processes. Traditionally you would need to write Apps Script and Code to automate your processes on Google Workspace (G Suite). It means you either need to know how to code, or budget for a very expensive resource to do it for you. However, it does not end there, because you will need to maintain the code and update it when your process changes. This is one of the main reasons why businesses are slow in automating their processes.
zenphi enables a whole set of new people in your company to automate their processes with just a few drag and drops.

Automate your processes in no time

With zenphi, being a true No Code automation platform for Google Workspace (G Suite), you can free yourself from the complexity of coding and maintaining Apps Script by making automation fast and intuitive. Using drag and drop functionality, any team member of any business can quickly and easily automate business processes. From the simple process of sending a personalized confirmation email, reporting a faulty IT device or an incident, to complex employee or student onboarding process, various document content approval, invoice generation, resource provisioning, etc. Imagine, create, manage and enhance processes, and free yourself up for higher value work.

No code, no Apps Script, no long wait to deploy a new process, and no complicated maintenance. Just drag and drop to  automate.

Automate like a pro

zenphi enables you to automate your business processes like a pro without writing a single line of code. But it does not end there, it helps you enhance your processes by bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to your business processes with just a simple drag and drop. With zenphi, we have done all the heavy lifting so you configure, you don’t code.

With zenphi, we have done all the heavy lifting so you configure, you don’t code.

Be a Google Workspace automation champion

Manual processes are inefficient. Human-driven processes bring human mistakes. Writing and maintaining code can be expensive. zenphi offers all the automation perks with none of the pitfalls; the ability to automate business processes quickly and easily, saving time and money.

zenphi enables you to be a Process Automation Champion in your company with minimal effort.

Sample Use Cases

When it comes to the type of processes you can automate with zenphi, the sky is the limit. Here are a few examples easily automated with zenphi without having to write a single line of code

Features Highlights

zenphi is feature rich. It comes pre-packed with a full set of features, from simple ones to the most sophisticated ones. Below are some of the features highlight.

Document Generation

dynamically merge, assemble, and generate documents in various formats based on Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides template, with just a few drag and drops

Integrated E-Signature

streamline your document lifecycle management by generating documents and getting them electronically signed using zenphi's integrated E-Signature features.

Gmail Mail Merge

dynamically generate and send emails based on your HTML template or a Google Docs template using the data collected in your Google Sheets, Forms, Salesforce, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

bring the power of AI such as document processing, sentiment analysis, translation, etc. to your processes by a simple drag and drop and make your processes more intelligent

Document Processor

harness the power of AI to extract text from scanned documents, pdf files and images, and easily use them in your workflow without needing to use any RPA systems

Connects with Anything

start your zenphi workflows from any application by utilizing HTTP Webhook . All the data passed to the HTTP Webhook will be available to use in your workflows

Approval Tasks

create and assign a dynamic task forms to get approvals, request for review a document or data, and collect data, all with a few simple drag and drops

Approval Loops

manage and simplify the complexity of the back and forth happening between departments, people, or other actors, in your processes, by using State Machine.

Parallel Branches

optimize and shorten the times it takes to complete your process by running the long running steps in parallel instead of sequentially

click here to see the list of all zenphi features

zenphi is designed from the ground up, with security in mind. We believe that security belongs to everyone in all of our offerings. That’s why our enterprise grade security systems are available to everyone on all of our pricing tires. Even the free one. We don’t charge extra for offering a “more secure” platform.  Learn more.

Get From zenphi's Automation Experts, To Start With A Peace Of Mind

Here at zenphi, we totally understand that if you are new to process automation, you may not know where to start.  But fear no more. Our Process Automation Experts are here to help, and even better, it’s free. Just sign up with any of our offerings, even the free one, and request a quick session with a member of the team to help get you started. Once you build and execute you 1st zenphi flow you will quickly become an Automation Champion.

Introductory Pricing

Sign up with our Starter, or Professional tier to benefit from our limited time Introductory Prices.

Get started with today and see how you can bring the magic of zenphi to your business 

all prices are in USD and per month, billed annually



50 runs/30days
USD$ 300
50 runs/30days
USD$ 588
200 runs/30days
USD$ 1,188
1,000 runs/30days

per 1,000 flow runs

5,000 runs/30days
USD$ 5,988
5,000 runs/30days
USD$ 10,778
10,000 runs/30days
USD$ 21,557
25,000 runs/30days

per 5,000 flow runs


*You can buy up to four additional 1,000 Flow Run Packs for $99 per pack per month, billed annually 

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Which tier is right for you?


Single user, single workspace

This is a great way to get started with zenphi. Sign up for the Free tier, explore our features and create as many flows as you like. The Free tier includes 30 flow runs each month. If you need more flow runs, upgrade to our Standard or Profession tiers.


Single user, single workspace

Designed for smaller organizations where one person is responsible for managing and automating business processes. The Starter tier includes 1000 flow runs each month. If you need more, you can simply purchase additional flow run packs.


Multiple users, single workspace

Professional is our recommended tier for small to medium sized organisations or individual teams within larger organisations, who have multiple people responsible for process automation and flow management. Professional includes 3000 flow runs each month and additional flow packs are available. Once you have multiple teams in your organisation using zenphi, you may want to consider upgrading to our Enterprise tier.


Multiple users, multiple workspaces

Enterprise is designed for larger organisations who have multiple teams or departments using zenphi to automate their processes. Priced on application, our Enterprise tier includes company wide multi-workspace management features and our top tier support offering. Enterprise enables all users in your organisation to automate their business processes with ease using zenphi.

…And don’t worry, you can switch tiers at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. No payment information is required to sign up with zenphi.

When you sign up with zenphi, your account starts with our Starter Tier trial, where you can experience the full power of zenphi and can also access our Customer Success Team all at  Zero Cost. 

After the trial period your account will automatically move to the zenphi Free Tier where you can continue to use zenphi at Zero Cost.  

You can choose to upgrade to a paid zenphi subscription when it suits your business requirements.

Everything in zenphi revolves around Flows. A Flow is the implementation of a process or part of a process. For example, if you may have a process for employees to request for a new laptop, in which an employee puts in a request, then the manager should approve it, and then IT should order the laptop. To automate this process, you create a Flow which starts by a Google Forms, (for employees to submit their request), and the Flow then identifies the requester’s manger, assigns her a zenphi task, and if she approves, it will send and email to IT or oder the laptop.

Actions or Steps are the building blocks of your Flow. Each action can be either logical action (ex. if condition, state machine, etc.), integration action (ex. send email, read Sheets row, etc.), utility action (ex. format date time, multiply numbers, etc.), or an audit/logging action (ex. log to history)

Each time an instance of a Flow gets started, it counts as one Flow Run. 

You can see the total number of Flow Runs for your workspace and for a specific  Flow, by navigating to the Flow Runs page. 

Yes. We believe that start ups and smaller business should also be able to stay competitive, by focusing on their core business, and not having to spend time to the processes which can be easily automated. 

That’s why we have designed our generous Starter package so that you can actually automate and run a few processes every month, for free.

It’s NOT designed to just be a trial equivalent or to just give you a bit of taste of what we offer. You can reliably use it to improve your business efficiency. 

By offering this for free, we really hope zenphi can contribute to your business success.

You can suggest a new idea, feature, or integration with another system using our feedback site at

and, by the way, we really appreciate you helping us by sharing your feedback 🙂 

Yes. Through zenphi’s page on Google Workspace Market Place, z Google Workspace (G Suite ) administrator in your company is able to enable zenphi for all of your employees in listed in your Google Workspace directory.

Yes. zenphi is built from the ground up for G Suite users and you need to G Suite to use zenphi.

zenphi is a no code workflow automation platform for G Suite. You can familiarize  yourself with the basic concepts here

If for any reason you would like to close your zenphi account and delete all your data, please submit the request through the settings section of your zenphi Workspace.

Please bear in mind that once deleted, your data cannot be recovered.

You you can install zenphi through Google Marketplace. 

You can also install zenphi for all users in your domain using the Domain Install option in the Google Marketplace listing page.


Yes, we do have an offering for educational institutes and non for profit organisations. Please get in touch with us to know more.


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